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Pretty immediately, Jeff began writing, spending days at Becker’s and speaking to former brides with special stories on their journey to the altar.


A year of writing and research ensued, and many, many hours of conversation with Jeff created a special friendship between Jeff and the ladies of his book, especially with Shelley and her daughter, Alyssa. In January of 2012, “The Magic Room” hit shelves and people all over the world were getting a glimpse into the story of Becker’s Bridal and its beloved brides.




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The lessons Zaslow shares from within the “Magic Room” are at times joyful, at times heart-breaking. And each bride who passes through Becker’s Bridal has a story to tell – one that carried her there, to that dress, that room, that moment.


Tragically, while traveling home from a book signing for “The Magic Room” just months after its release, Jeff passed away in a car accident. His gifts to the world, though, continue to live in his books and at Becker’s Bridal. Brides and their families are still moved by Jeff’s words and making the trip to stand in the room he made famous. From the father who drove his wife and daughter from Iowa to find her gown to the man who flew his fiancé from Brazil for a special proposal, the story of the magic room continues to honor his memory.


At Becker’s we are devoted to providing you with a magic moment of your own, one that is worthy of story books and will stand the test of time.