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The Becker's Legacy

If there is anything odd or different about the Becker store, it is its spreading fame; a fame reaching from Muskegon to Port Huron, and Adrian to Cheboygan.


Now operating under its fifth generation, the miracle and energy of Becker’s Bridal is rooted deeply in the rarest of legacies. As one of America’s oldest bridal stores, Becker’s has become a family tradition for brides from far and wide.



The Beginning


The Becker family has operated a business in Fowler since 1908 when Frank Becker purchased the general store of Charles Day, which was then located in the building that today is Miller’s Tavern. A few years later, the store moved into a frame building at the main intersection, the same location as the present store. However, in 1917, the business moved yet again and the old frame building was torn down to make way for The People’s Bank.


Below: The Becker’s Department Store (left), Frank Becker, Sr. (center), the original Frank Becker store (right)
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The Beginning

Our Foundation

In 1922, Frank A. Becker, son of Frank Becker, Sr., assumed the business with his wife, Eva. Both were active in the store from the beginning. The general store became the Frank A. Becker Store and stocked shoes, clothing, dry goods among groceries, costume jewelry, and stationery. Eva became known as the stern, but powerful, “lady with apron and hat.”
After The Great Depression, The People’s Bank closed and on August 15, 1950, the way was clear for the Beckers to complete the cycle and the store returned to the corner location. This time, however, they occupied not only the handsome brick building, but also a spacious new addition that had been built around the Bank. In 1934, the no-nonsense Mrs. Eva Becker started in the wedding gown business almost by accident. She purchased a gown in Chicago for her niece and her selection proved so popular she soon had many requests from other brides. The first wedding dress purchased from the Frank A. Becker Store was that of Mrs. Helen Frechen. And just as a 1955 article of “The Fowler Post” wrote, ‘since then the gowns have never ceased coming’. View the original gown sold, graciously featured in our lobby just steps upon entering.

A Continued


The first bridal gown sold by Becker’s in 1934, "But the Becker fame is the wedding dress department, which is the particular pride of Mrs. Becker. Brides have come to Becker’s from the far corners of Michigan."

In 1975, Frank’s son Clark and his wife, Sharon, not only continued the legacy, but evolved the once general store into “Becker’s Bridal & Menswear.” The new focus was on bridal and formal wear, along with a men’s clothing department. The old bank building was renovated, followed by another update to the main level in the late 70’s. Ever a family business, Mrs. Sharon Becker still recalls being called into supervise new carpet installation the day after the birth of her eighth child.

The Becker’s storefront expanded once again in 1986, when Clark and Sharon purchased an old brick building across the street from the bridal store. Once ‘Harvey’s Food', the building first sold street wear for several years before becoming a mothers’ and alteration department. Unfortunately, the building was lost to a fire and since then, the mothers' inventory has been gratefully re-homed to the Outlet location in Lansing, MI.

The first bridal gown sold by Becker’s in 1934, worn by Helen Frechen.