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Cool Mother of The Bride Dresses

Dec 09, 2022

It is a big responsibility to be the mother of the bride. In addition to helping with special details, planning events, and offering valuable advice, you've likely also been by the bride's side throughout the entire process. When it comes to finding...

Trend Reports from 2023 Bridal Styles

Dec 09, 2022

What could be more exciting than finding out which bridal styles will be trending next year? Beckers Bridal is always excited to see what designers are creating. From airy fabrics to non-traditional silhouettes, we have something for everyone. In...

Wedding Dresses That You Will Fall In Love With At First Sight

Nov 17, 2022

Here at Becker’s Bridal, we’re lucky enough to feature some absolutely stunning bridal gowns from top designers! Whether you’re looking for an allover lace A-line gown, a voluminous ball gown, or a boho-chic style,...

Designer Spotlight: "Justin Alexander"

Nov 17, 2022

Justin Alexander wedding gowns span a wide range of bridal aesthetics, offering an impressive variety of styles designed with each and every bride’s unique tastes in mind. Here are a few gorgeous Justin Alexander wedding dresses that are sure...

Guide To Bold Lace Styles

Oct 17, 2022

There's nothing more elegant, timeless, and versatile than lace wedding dresses. Lace transforms a wedding gown into something magical and memorable. There's something for every bride in lace wedding dresses, from botanical patterns to graphic...

Same Dresses, Different Sizes

Oct 06, 2022

Something that’s super important to our team here at Becker’s Bridal is making sure that we have gorgeous wedding gowns available for brides of all sizes! And it’s great to have equal representation for these gowns as well, because...

Wedding Dresses For Your Fall Wedding

Sep 08, 2022

If you’re planning a fall wedding, we’re sure you are on the search for a bridal gown that perfectly fits all the needs that come with this transitional season. At Becker’s Bridal, we believe that fall wedding dresses are...

White Tie Wedding Dresses

Sep 08, 2022

A white-tie wedding dress code is the best way the glamorous bride can guarantee her ceremony will meet her style standards. “White-tie” refers to the most formal dress code possible, calling for all guests to arrive at your...

Wedding Dresses For Your Bohemian Wedding

Aug 03, 2022

Are you described as carefree by others? Unconventional? Easy-going yet confident? If you're the kind of person who never hesitates to challenge the status quo - and especially when it comes to your wedding - we've got some good news for you. Maybe...

Wedding DIY Projects

Jul 29, 2022

As soon as you become engaged, time seems to pass more quickly than anyone realizes. In the meantime, you should start working on any DIY projects you're interested in after you've chosen the date, the ceremony and reception venues, and a...

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