Wedding DIY Projects

Wedding DIY Projects

As soon as you become engaged, time seems to pass more quickly than anyone realizes. In the meantime, you should start working on any DIY projects you're interested in after you've chosen the date, the ceremony and reception venues, and a theme or color palette. Your projects will be less rushed, so you'll be able to enjoy them more.

You should ask your married friends if they ever got the chance to do the DIY projects they likely considered. There is a higher likelihood of getting "No, I ran out of time!" responses than yeses. Keep yourself organized and on top of all the other details of your big day by completing most of your projects early on. Before the wedding, you can complete the following DIY projects!



DIY Wedding Signs

On wood, heavyweight cardstock, or another sturdy surface, you can write classics like "Welcome" along with the bride and groom's first names. If you have great handwriting, you can
create wedding signage yourself.

Reclaimed wood runner

Long dining tables will have texture and height with a rustic, reclaimed wood runner. Understated arrangements and dainty votive candle holders are boosted by an aged wood piece that runs along the table. Each tablescape is enhanced by the rough texture of the reclaimed runner, which contrasts with the velvety white blooms.

Floating floral centerpiece

Consider reconsidering your opinion of fake florals from the dollar store before you say "ew.". With water, even cheap flowers can be transformed into beautiful blooms. Float three blooms in 3/4 of a watered plastic terrarium bowl. You can create this stunning centerpiece for only a couple of dollars!

Flower Girl Basket

As a last-minute decoration, use paper or silk petals instead of fresh flowers. If you want the real deal, ask your florist to incorporate fresh petals into the flower girl's basket before the ceremony.

Picture-perfect lanterns

Lanterns are a must-have decoration for weddings, but they can be expensive. Those days are over! For less than $10, you can create these gorgeous, trendy pieces. Frames should be stripped of their glass and backing in order to achieve this look. Spray paint both sides of the frames gold and attach the four frames with hot glue. All you have to do is replace the glass and you're good to go!