Setting Your Wedding Budget

Setting Your Wedding Budget

Time to talk about the least exciting part in wedding planning: budget. We know you are eager to skip right to dress shopping and playlist building, but setting (and sticking to) a budget is key to achieving a smooth wedding planning journey. Whether your limit is under $100 or over $100,000, we’ve put together some general guidelines to help you decide where you’ll spend, splurge, or save:



Start by figuring how much, if any, familial contribution you’ll be receiving. Then, determine how much you and your fiance can comfortably afford to pitch in. Adding these numbers together, you’ve got your estimated budget. Have an honest conversation with your future spouse about any preferences and non-negotiables. Open bar, or five-course dinner? Live music, or DJ set? Are children invited? What’s one thing each of you can’t imagine your special day without? Answering these questions will help you decide on what to prioritize and what to pass on.



Next, create an estimated guest count list. The cost of your wedding will be largely dependent on how many people you’re hosting, as the prices of the most expensive aspects of your special day — food, drink, and venue space, — fluctuate dramatically based on your guest count.

To start working with real figures, gather some information on location-specific, season-specific price ranges for the services you’re looking to hire. Certain areas and peak months mean pricier photographers, caterers, entertainers, and venues. 

As a Reminder…


Lastly, remember that your wedding day will be a magical celebration of your love story that you’ll both remember for the rest of your lives, regardless of how much you spend. Keep your focus on the beautiful parts, and don’t sweat everything else. 


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