Mother of the Bride Survival Guide

Mother of the Bride Survival Guide



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Is your daughter getting married? If so, congratulations to you and your beautiful daughter! This is such an exciting time for the two of you and the rest of your family. However, we know it can get a little overwhelming due to all the details there are to figure out.


One major aspect we at Becker's Bridal are prepared to help you with is picking the perfect gown as the mother of the bride! All of our mother’s dress inventory is located at our outlet location in Lansing, MI. We proudly carry sizes 2-28 and our prices range from $150 to $400+. Currently, we have a special promotion for mothers who are attending a wedding of a Becker's bride!

Because there are so many other things to help prepare for other than finding a dress, we decided to put together a survival guide for our mothers to keep their sanity while supporting their daughter!


Once you’re a year out from the wedding, it’s important that you discuss finances with your daughter and her partner. If you’re planning to cover any expenses for the wedding, make sure they’re aware of any concerns and discuss what venues are a possibility based on the budget you’ve created. The guest count and venue should be some of the first things you consider at this point! If your daughter and her partner are wanting to have a larger wedding, it helps to start working on the guest list now so you can put together phone numbers and addresses. You should also begin reaching out to nearby hotels to see where guests can stay. Get some quotes on specials you can get!

She should start setting up her gift registry now, since guests are likely to start asking about gifts soon. You should be prepared to guide them to the best stores!

Your daughter's dream wedding dress is one of the most important aspects at this point. Keep in mind that being honest is essential, but being supportive is equally important. If your daughter still needs to find a wedding dress, book an appointment with Becker's Bridal!


Your wedding day gown shopping is about to begin as a mother of the bride! In order not to overshadow the bride on her big day, mothers are advised to choose dresses that complement the wedding colors and are classic and modest. Rather than wearing a trendy gown, choose one that makes you feel beautiful and classic!









Now it's time to plan her bridal shower with the members of her bridal party. Ensure that the guest list is finalized by now, and that there are a few spots available for secondary names. Now is the time to choose your wedding shoes! You should make sure they are comfortable and that they complement your gown.


Get your rehearsal dinner dress now! You can wear something a little more trendy or modern than what you wore on your wedding day. Allow for potential fittings and alterations!


It’s nearly time for your daughter’s big day! Make sure you offer her plenty of guidance and support during this time, because she’ll definitely need it. It’s also helpful to make any necessary arrangements for transportation for guests at this point.


Get your hair and makeup done, bring your camera, lipstick and tissues, and get ready to have an incredible day celebrating your daughter’s marriage!

We would absolutely love to be a part of your experience preparing for your daughter’s wedding day! Again, all of our mother’s dress inventory is at our outlet location in Lansing and we have an incredible selection at affordable prices! Book an appointment with us today!